Online keno games

Keno has been a popular and thrilling game reminiscent of a lottery for centuries. It involves players selecting a set of numbers from a given range and eagerly awaiting the outcome of the drawn winning numbers. With roots tracing back to ancient China, Keno has a rich and fascinating history that has contributed to its enduring popularity. Today, Keno can be found in casinos and gaming establishments around the world, where players can experience the thrill of the game and potentially win big payouts with just a small investment. Whether you are a seasoned gambler or a curious beginner, Keno game offers an exciting and engaging gaming experience that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Online casinos have introduced snooker-themed Keno games, adding a distinctive and enjoyable twist to the classic Keno experience. These games incorporate elements of snooker, such as the use of numbered balls, to create an exciting and immersive gaming experience. In snooker-themed Keno games, players select a set of numbers and then watch as the numbered balls are drawn, just like in a game of snooker. The use of snooker-themed graphics and animations further enhances the gaming experience, transporting players to the world of snooker and creating a fun and engaging atmosphere. With the potential for big payouts and the added excitement of snooker-themed gameplay, snooker-themed online casino Keno games are a great choice for any player looking for a unique and entertaining gaming experience.

Players have access to various types of Keno games in online casinos. The most prevalent variant is traditional Keno, where players choose their preferred numbers and patiently anticipate the drawing of the winning numbers. Some online casinos also offer progressive Keno, where the jackpot increases with each round until a lucky player wins it all. Another well-liked version is Power Keno, which presents players with the opportunity to increase their winnings by a predetermined factor. Super Keno is another variant of the game, where players can win big payouts by correctly predicting a set of numbers. Additionally, some online casinos offer themed Keno games, such as snooker-themed Keno or beach-themed Keno, which add a unique twist to the classic game. Players have the opportunity to discover the ideal Keno game that matches their preferences and holds the potential for significant payouts, thanks to a wide selection of types and themes available.

If you are someone who loves to play online casino, CosmoSlots brings you the most popular Keno game called BallFire Keno. This game is based on the widely loved snooker theme. The main objective of this game is to pick any numbers from 2 to 10 that match the correctly drawn numbers. The game rules are straightforward, allowing players to select anywhere from 2 to 10 numbers on the board. These numbers are then compared to 20 balls drawn from a pool of 80. Payouts are determined by the pay table and the number of matches between the player’s choices and the drawn numbers.

BallFire Keno also offers an exciting bonus game that helps the players to earn real money online. As the theme of this game is based on a Snooker table, its bonus game is based on Fire Balls.

The bonus game of Cosmo BallFire Keno runs on the following rules:

  • To trigger the Extra Feature, the player must select 5 numbers.
  • If a minimum of 3 to 4 selected numbers and the last drawn ball matches with the player’s selection, it will trigger the Extra feature.
  • The screen displays a range of numbers from 1 to 10.
  • On the screen, the players must choose three numbers.
  • When a player’s selection matches a single number, they are rewarded with a certain number of game tokens or sweep tokens.
  • If two balls match, the user will get Double (X2) the amount of Win.
  • A huge number of tokens will be rewarded if all the numbers match the player’s selection.

The Online BallFire Keno game on CosmoSlots also comes with a surprise element called “The Extra Feature.” The extra feature will be activated If the last drawn ball matches with any one of the selected balls, The additional function grants the user one bonus feature. If there are three-ball matches, the victory is tripled for the user. Furthermore, if the last drawn ball aligns with any of the selected balls, a visually engaging animation of the ball firing is displayed within the glass tube section. The rotating fireball animation will play here while it’s appearing. The selected number becomes a firebox if the fireball strikes any player’s selection.

In conclusion, snooker-themed online casino games are a fantastic option for players looking for an exciting and immersive gaming experience. The incorporation of snooker elements into traditional Keno game play creates a unique and engaging atmosphere that can transport players to the world of snooker. With the potential for big payouts and the added thrill of snooker-themed graphics and animations, these games are sure to keep players entertained for hours on end. Whether you are a fan of snooker or simply looking for a new twist on the classic game of Keno with online social casino games, snooker-themed online casino Keno games are a great choice that are definitely worth checking out.