Try your Luck and Win a Huge Rewards!!

Regular keno is excellent but why not spice things up every now and then? If you want to take your keno game to the next level, try some of the available alternatives, such as Ballfire Keno Game. You know it’s an entertaining, intriguing, and exhilarating keno game. It’s a game that offers a fast burst of action for a low price. Ballfire Keno adds another level of challenges to the popular game.

Ballfire Keno is a type of keno game in which players must wager on particular numbers and are paid if those numbers are selected at random as hits. Although it is primarily a chance game with little payouts, there are a few tactics that can help you win more frequently. Set a budget, opt for lounges with higher payouts, bet on fewer numbers, and look for progressive fireball spins to play to enhance your possible profits.



  • The Fireball feature will be triggered if at least 3 – 4 numbers are picked, and the final drawn ball fits the player’s selection.
  • The panel displays numbers ranging from 1 to 10. The players must select 3 numbers from the screen.
  • If any number fits the player’s choices, a specified amount of tokens will be awarded.
  • If two balls match, the user will win twice as much.
  • If all of the numbers match the player’s choices, a large amount of tokens will be awarded.

Ballfire Keno Gameplay

Ballfire Keno on CosmoSlots VIP is a conventional keno game, which means it follows standard keno regulations. Ballfire Keno, like the majority of other games of its type, has 80 numbers and allows players to pick 10 of them during each gaming session. The game’s winnings are determined by how much money the players bet and how many numbers were drawn.

If you like bingo-style action in general, we think this game is a great pick because of the subtle twists and appealing user interface, making it one of the better options in this genre. Even if this isn’t generally your cup of tea, you could find it relaxing towards the conclusion of a long session.


In the Ballfire Keno game there are 80 numbers on the board.

Players can pick any 2 – 10 numbers from the 80 numbers that are on the board.

Based on the number matches between the player’s choice and the drawn numbers, payouts are made in line with the Paytable.

The game features a fireball spin function that can help a player win a lot of money. Additionally, the theme of the Ballfire keno is exactly like a pool table, which gives the player an amazing time.