Lepre’s Lucky Rainbow is an online slot game that is a part of CosmoSlot’s lobby of social casino games. This game is based on a magical theme inspired by Leprechauns’ world. Leprechauns or little fairies are popular Irish folklore characters believed to grant three wishes to a human. 

 CosmoSlot’s Lepre’s Lucky Rainbow is the best online slot game that drives you to the world of Leprechauns. This slot game offers you a vivid experience of playing online casino slot games and winning exciting prizes. The main purpose of this slot game is the spin wheel, which will offer exciting rewards at every spin. 

About Game

All the icons and symbols in this game depict the characters similar to the world of Leprechauns. The game will be played for 20 Pay lines & players will always play the slot for the max pay lines. Every icon has significance, which adds value to the player’s gaming journey. The Wild Icon substitutes any other symbol except Scatter and Bonus. At least 3 Scatter icons anywhere on the reel activate free spins. When the Bonus symbol strikes three or more times on the reel, it will trigger the Bonus game.

The paytable rules are predefined in Lepre’s Lucky Rainbow game:

  • All icons pay left to right on active pay-lines except the scatter and bonus symbols.
  • Only the highest wins are paid on each pay line.
  • Scatter and bonus wins are paid in adjunct to pay line wins.
  • All wins are multiplied by the per-line bet.

Ask Your wish

Lepre’s Lucky Rainbow also offers you a luck-based bonus social casino game. Since the Leprechaun is like a fairy and hides the gold behind a rainbow, this bonus game design will be fantasy-based, with the core gameplay based on luck. The bonus game is the fundamental surprise element of this game which will bring you to the zone of luck and fortune.

This bonus game is designed based on two facts:

  • Leprechauns used to hide their gold behind the rainbow.
  • Leprechaun gives three wishes to a human in exchange for his freedom.

So, this bonus game will give you three chances to get lucky with your winnings. A Leprechaun will appear on the screen, and only one pot contains the Jackpot. You will get three opportunities to get to the pot, and it will be based on luck.

Lepre’s Lucky Jackpot

If you are fortunate to win the Jackpot, specific rules will get you there and remain there:

  • Each time the player bets in the slot, a certain percentage of the bet amount will be accumulated over time in Jackpot Pot money.
  • Once that Jackpot pot money reaches a particular limit, it will be rewarded to the player as a jackpot reward.
  • Once 5 of a kind of wild slot icon appears on the slot machine, it will trigger the jackpot reward for the player.
  • Once the Jackpot is rewarded to the player, that jackpot pot money will be reset to Zero (0).

About CosmoSlots

CosmoSlots VIP is a popular social casino gaming platform that delivers a fascinating and innovative gaming experience to its players. A panel of expert professionals explicitly designs the games and their features. All games comprise attractive layouts and graphics that attract the players and enable them to stay connected to the lucky leprechaun slot theme. Enhanced sound effects and artistic game characters fill every online slot game with thrill to add more excitement to the player’s game. The games deliver 360-degree entertainment and an opportunity to win huge prizes for every CosmoSlots player.

Appearance of a Leprechaun

Leprechauns are fairy-like supernatural creatures in Irish folklore and are usually portrayed as a short-bearded man dressed in short-bearded man dressed in green coats and a hat, noted as mischievous monsters. The Anglo-Irish creature Leprechaun has been derived from Old Irish luchorpán, meaning “tiny body.”  

The Fairytale about Leprechaun

In later days, they were represented as shoemakers hiding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. According to legends and folks, the Leprechaun is believed to give away this treasure to anyone who catches it. Even when the Leprechaun gets seen, he tricks that person and disappears into the forest, taking the wealth with him. Some stories reveal that the Leprechauns used to work for all the other fairies as shoemakers in the fairytales. They are also believed to hide their gold behind the rainbow. A significant belief is that if a human catches a Leprechaun, the Leprechaun can grant that particular human three wishes in exchange for his freedom.

The Inception of Leprechauns

The Leprechaun story can be as fascinating as their frolics. These little creatures are believed to have first appeared in the 8th century when legends about water spirits began revolving among the Celts. They usually amalgamated with a household fairy and developed a penchant for drinking. These small entities became prominent in later Irish folklore. Still, scary leprechaun stories describe them as murderous kidnappers or tricky humanoids who could turn out to be harmful if not treated with respect.

Perceptions about Leprechauns

In the current scenario with American culture, they have been famous as jolly itinerant elves who are more of a tribal stereotype that bears little resemblance to the characters described in Irish folklores. Apart from being illustrated in 20th-century films, television cartoons, and advertising, Leprechauns are often associated with St. Patrick’s Day in America through their green color outfit and popular shamrocks. Leprechaun stories have departed from one generation to the other as old Irish stories considered their existence and were first spotted in the 700s. Still, these mythical creatures might keep you guessing if they exist in reality.

Lastly, as the name suggests, Lepre’s Lucky Rainbow truly signifies its title and can teleport you to a Leprechaun’s magical world of luck and fortune.

Players can download Cosmo Lepres Lucky Rainbow on their mobile from www.cosmoslotsvip.com for free, for android.