The Golden Dust slot theme online social casino game will be based on Pablo Escobar’s era of domination in Medellín Columbia. This game whirls around the adventurous life of Pablo Escobar, a Colombian drug lord, and narco-terrorist, and the founder of the Medellín Cartel. He did a lot of smuggling and was involved in various brutal illegal activities.

How and Where to Play online

CosmoSlot’s Golden Dust is an online social casino game that takes you back to the illicit era of Pablo Escobar. This casino slot game offers you a vivid experience of playing online slot games and winning amazing prizes. The main goal of this online slot game is the spin wheel, which will deliver exciting rewards at every spin.

Trend Cosmo Slots Golden Dust Games

CosmoSlots Golden Dust is inspired by Narcos, a series based on the real-life story of drug peddler Pablo Escobar. This series also emphasizes Escobar’s connections with drug lords, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents, and multiple opposition entities. The series started on the 28th of August 2015 on Netflix and is still trending on top. Similarly, our game Golden Dust is based on this series and the adventures of Pablo Escobar.

All throughout his life, Pablo believed in the mantra of “Plata o plomo,” which more or less translates to “silver or lead (bullets).” This mantra describes how Pablo used both violence and bribery to get his way. Escobar and his troop killed so many police officers, politicians, journalists, and common citizens who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In 1989, the cartel was even accused of planting a bomb on a domestic passenger flight, which killed more than 100 people on that airplane.

However, there was another side to the personality of Escobar, as many Colombians also considered Escobar a “Robin Hood” image. He built various hospitals and residences for the needy and under-privileged and was elected as a member of the Colombian parliament in 1982. In general, Pablo had a complicated legacy in the country even in today’s date as both a violent drug lord and a philanthropist.

Benefit of playing at Cosmo Slots Golden Dust Games

All the icons and symbols in the Golden Dust game depict characters similar to the world of Pablo Escobar. The game will be played for 50 Pay lines & players will always play the slot for the max pay lines. Every icon’s significance adds value to the player’s gaming journey. The Wild Icon substitutes any other symbol except Scatter and Bonus. A minimum of 3 Scatter icons anywhere on the reel activates free spins. When the Bonus symbol strikes three or more times on the reel, it will trigger the Bonus game.

The paytable rules are predefined in the Golden Dust game:   

  • All icons pay left to right on active pay-lines except the scatter and bonus symbols.  
  • Only the highest wins are paid on every pay line.
  • Scatter and bonus wins are paid in adjunct to pay line wins.  

All wins are multiplied by the per-line bet.

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Moreover, Golden Dust also includes a skill-based bonus game that will help the player win the Jackpot.

This bonus game is designed based on the facts mentioned below:  

  • Pablo Escobar was undoubtedly the most famous drug lord.
  • He mostly used to smuggle things by airplane.

Once a bonus game hits, this screen will appear with the text “Time to Smuggle.” The plane’s evacuation slide will open. Through the evacuation slide of the aircraft, some bags of gold and diamond will start sliding from the exit door.

One stick will be attached to the bottom end of the evacuation slide. There will be two controls on either side of the stick, as visualized in the reference shown in the image on the left. Users must click the left and appropriate control buttons to put the smuggled sliding bags (Gold and diamond bags) intended for the gold & diamond pots on the left and right sides, respectively, by swigging the wooden stick to the right or left. The position of gold and diamond pots can be changed before the start of the Bonus game. Based on the things that fall from the plane, Users need to separate the things on both sides by using the right and left buttons so that the stick will hit the things on both sides.


Rules of the game:

  • The user has three lifelines to hit the things in the correct path.
  • Based on the user’s correct separation of gold and diamond, the probable win amount of the bonus game will keep increasing, which can be seen below the bonus game.
  • Once the user loses all the lifelines by hitting the things on the wrong side, they can collect the token amount they earned.
  • If the user lost zero points, there would be a consolation prize of in-game tokens.

Challenging part of the game:

The things (Gold and Diamond) that fall from the plane will change randomly. The speed at which things fall will increase gradually.

Every time the user enters the bonus game, the two sides of the gold and diamond storage place will randomly change their positions from left to the right.

The background can be any plain area that should represent the 80s Columbian period. It should have one aircraft that is standing in the lane. The front half of the plane should be visible on the mid-screen of the mobile screen.

So, experience the adventure and thrills of the illicit world of Pablo Escobar in CosmoSlots VIP Golden Dust online slot game.