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August 21, 2023

Wild Keno

Are you ready to uncover your lucky numbers?

This Wild Keno game created by CosmoSlots VIP will have you going Nuts. Set in the lush green jungle, this Keno game is unlike any other, with a bonus game designed to maximize your earnings! The realm of riches just absorbs you, while the dense jungle theme will transport you to the world of extremes! So have Fun and Play.

Wild Keno is a basic casino game that requires no skill and relies solely on chance and luck. Wild keno is comparable to a lottery game offered in all other casinos, but the distinguishing feature of this Keno Game produced by CosmoSlots VIP is that it incorporates a bonus game within the game that gives the player more winnings as compared to other keno games available at online casinos.

Wild Keno

Attractive Features of the Wild Keno Game

  • The player will have two chances to spin the wheel in order to receive rewards in a bonus game.
  • The tokens acquired during the first chance will be multiplied by the multiplier earned during the second chance in a bonus game.
  • On the number board, players can select up to 10 numbers.
  • The number will be picked at random from a pool of 80 numbers in a game.
  • Winnings are distributed according to the Paytable based on the number matches between the player’s selection and the drawn numbers.
Wild Keno 1
Wild Keno 4
Wild Keno 3
Wild Keno Game
Wild Keno 5
Game Wild Keno

Spin the Wheel to Get Bonus From the Game!

If the last drawn ball matches any of the selected balls in the Wild Keno Game, the Multiplier function will be triggered. Following that, a screen will appear with a wheel that the player must spin to win extra from the game.

  • To rotate the wheel, the player must press the spin button.
  • The player will get 2 chances for spinning the wheel in the bonus game.
  • The player will have two chances to spin the wheel in order to receive rewards in this extra game.
  • The spin wheel is split into eight sections.
  • There are four partitions with multiplier values and four partitions with token values.
  • A straight value to an arrow is called a win.
  • The bonus collected by the player during the 1st chance will be multiplied by the multiplier earned during the 2nd chance.

Let’s Dive into our thrilling and fun-loving Wild Keno game and see if you can make it to the game’s bonus round. Don’t miss out on the big bonus at CosmoSlotsVIP!


The bonus game in the Wild Keno game is a luck-based bonus game. In which the player will have two chances to spin a wheel and earn extra.
In a game, the player can choose up to 10 numbers from a set of 80.
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