Ultimate Dragon Fish Game

Let’s Dive into the Ultimate Dragon Kingdom for a Huge Win!

The Ultimate Dragon will be an undersea kingdom, which will be ruled by a mermaid. The entire underwater world is ornamented with sea creatures, aquatic plants, and many more. Dragon themed skill-based slot game transports you to a fantastic and fairytale world. Where will this theme lead us? That’s right, during the reign of the dragons and mermaids. Only here does the fantasy motif come through loud and clear. Dragons, in fact, are the creatures who hold an honorable and respected place in many legends and lore. You will be able to experience this incredible world of these creatures at CosmoSlotsVIP.

Astonishing Theme and Graphics of the Ultimate Dragon

Famous oceanic underwater creatures that you might not have seen in the real world can be found in Ultimate Dragon fish game. You may explore the world of underwater creatures from the comfort of your home with the help of CosmoSlotsVIP. The game’s themes and soundtrack give the player the impression that they are in the deep waters of fish hunting. To maximize your chances of winning from the Ultimate Dragon, use the weapons supplied in the game to their utmost capacity to kill as many fish and other marine creatures as you can.


  • A top view underwater table will be the background of the fish game.
  • The game allows a maximum of 4 players and minimum 1 to play.
  • The bonus icons and other fish species will move randomly around the table.
  • To receive prizes from the fish, the player must kill the fish using the game’s shooting weapons.

Players Can Enjoy an Exciting Bonus Game Within the Game

“Double your fun and discover hidden treasures by playing not one, but TWO Bonus Games within the game!”

Bonus Game 1

“To start the bonus game, one player must hit the treasure icon on the table. This bonus game is divided into two parts: “

Stage 1: There will be three caves available beneath the waves. There will be some reward tokens in each cave. The player must tap on a door to open it. Only one cave can be opened by the player. When the cave is broken, tokens are added to the token display bar, and the queen enters the cave

Stage 2: Inside the cave, there are three treasure chests. There will be a multiplier award in each pot. To expose the multiplier, the user must tap on a box; the user can only open one box. A congrats popup will appear on the screen, along with the winning prize.

Bonus Game 2

1. To activate the bonus game, the Player needs to hit and capture the Shell bonus icon with the shots.

2. On the bonus game screen, there will be 6 shells available, once the player captures the shell bonus icon.

3. To open and disclose the reward, the player must tap on the shell. Only a shell can be opened by the player.

4. After opening the shell and revealing the reward, the remaining shells will display their individual rewards in disabled mode.

5. A congrats popup will appear on the screen, along with the winning prize.

Let’s Have Some Fun with the Ultimate Dragon!

In a nutshell, Fish Game – Ultimate Dragon is a passport to the realm of underwater creatures and their treasures. This Fish game has an appealing look and a plethora of bonus features and multiplier opportunities. The game is a skill-based game with the potential of winning big rewards.


There are 2 bonus games within the game provided by the developers at CosmoSlots.

Yes, the game allows you to play with up to 4 members at the same time.

To start a bonus game in Ultimate Dragon, the player must hit the Treasure Icon or the Shell bonus icon. When any of these symbols are captured by the player, a bonus round is immediately triggered.

Yes, playing the Ultimate Dragon casino game online at CosmoSlots VIP gives you the chance to win real money. To maximize your earnings, you can also benefit from all of the incentives and promotions offered by the site.

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