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December 8, 2022

Power of Scarab

Every Historian Discloses a New Horizon.

The power of scarab is a term used to describe ancient Egyptian civilization. In this online slot game, we will discuss about a prosperous Egyptian empire that left a rich cultural legacy, which was intriguing throughout history. This civilization is famous for its pyramids, pharaohs, mummies, and tombs, which emerged thousands of years ago. It is one of the frequently used themes in different types of games. The ancient Egyptian civilization has been blessed with a vast long history. For more than 4000 years, the ancient Egyptian civilization built some of the most enchanting and beautiful artifacts the world has ever seen.

Treasure Room Bonus

Power of Scarab includes a skill-based bonus game where Artifacts are hidden in the gold heaps in the background. Some places will be indicated in the background to find the things, and the player must click on the relevant area. The trowel will dig the gold pile to discover the hidden artifacts when the player taps specifically designated spots. All artifacts have predefined values.

Each item will glow when it is discovered. Once the player finds an artifact, they need to select the total number of artifacts ds the artifacts, the total number of a player select the total number of artifacts. The player must click the collect button to obtain the game token reward.


  • Treasure Room
  • Hidden Artefacts
  • Piles of Gold
  • Huge Rewards

An Empire Full of Dreams, Mysteries, Memories

Ancient Egypt was not a stable civilization, as many changes constantly occurred throughout their era. Similarly, ancient Egyptian architecture combines similar but different types of structures. The famous examples of ancient Egyptian architecture are their pyramids, excavated temples, palaces, tombs, and fortresses have also been studied. The Egyptian artifacts still hold significance in society’s art and cultural division.

Power of Scarab Slot Game Unique Features:

  • When three or more Pyramid scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels in the Power of Scarab, the Free Spins Bonus is activated.
  • Along with skill-based bonus games, the game also offers jackpot rewards to its players.
  • In the slot game, bonus and scatter wins are paid in addition to payline wins.


There are 35 paylines in the game and players can bet on maximum payline in the game.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a slot for it. Players cannot toggle any of the 35 paylines on or off; they are all engaged.

In Power of Scarab slot game, if there are 4 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, the player is rewarded with 10 free spins.

Yes, the game has an Auto spin feature. The Auto Spin feature is activated by a long press on the spin button.

When a bonus icon appears 3 times or more, the bonus game in the Power of Scarab is triggered.