Unlock New Adventures of Ancient Aztec Games

Solve the Mysteries of the Aztecs. The mystery of the Aztec slot game is based on the Aztec civilization, which lived in the 15th & early 16th century and ruled a large empire now known as Central & Southern Mexico. The theme & characters in the game represent the idea of living in the Aztec civilization. If mysteries and thrillers excite you, or maybe you wish to play them by yourself? you’re on the perfect platform.

Gems Combination Bonus Game

Mystery of Aztecs offers a luck-based gems combination dice game. The bonus game will be based on the 6 faced dice game. The number of bonus icons appearing on the slot machine at a specific time will determine the number of times the player can roll the dice in the bonus game.


Each time the player rolls the dice, the upper face will reveal one of the following combinations.


  • Luck-Based Bonus Game
  • Graphics, Sounds, and Animations
  • Jackpot Mega Win
  • Special Gaming Characters


Mystery of Aztec is a theme-based slot game that includes gems, jewels, adventures, and treasure hunting. The game’s layout is based on a dark theme surrounded by a jungle. Moreover, the golden reels are fascinating and add more charm to the game. Every slot and symbol in this game is different and has its significance in the game.



  • Paylines – The gameplay is interesting and engaging. The game will have 50 paylines and five slot reels. Each time the player spins the wheel, the icons are chosen at random.
  • Bonus Game – This game includes a bonus round that costs nothing but allows players to win money or other rewards.
  • Graphics and Sounds – Do you want to take a journey through ancient culture and civilization? The Mystery of Aztec game is ideal for people like you. The graphics, sound, and animations elevate your gameplay to new heights.
  • Big Win – The guys always want to win big and perform big. With amazing benefits and enormous incentives, this is an excellent opportunity to play more and win more.
  • Special Icons and Symbols – The game has distinctive iconography relating to Aztec culture and traditions. The symbols include Wild, Scatter, Bonus Icon, Gems, and so on. The prizes to the players are multiplied by their stake according to where the icons land.


The Mystery of AZTEC casino games has slot symbols and other features inspired by the Aztec culture and empire. These game symbols and features are typically seen in the Mystery of Aztec themed games, where they award cash prizes, extra gifts, and additional bonuses anytime they appear on the reels to form a winning combination or to pay players with bonuses. Wild, Scatter, and Bonus games are some of the symbols present in these slot games.

The game will be played on 50 paylines, and players can gamble on as many as they like.

When 5 types of human character icon appear on a slot game payline, the player will be rewarded with the jackpot.

Yes, you may win real money by playing the Mystery of AZTEC game at CosmoSlots VIP online. You may also boost your revenue by utilizing all the platform’s rewards and incentives.