Mermaid’s Luck - Cosmoslots VIP
July 8, 2023

Mermaid’s Luck

Have a swim with the Mermaid’s Luck

The slot game Mermaid’s Luck will be themed after the sea. Exploring undersea animals and incorporating them into a slot game will be entertaining and appealing to the audience. Mermaids are mythical marine creatures. According to the original mythology, they were beings with a bird’s body and a woman’s face or torso, who were unmistakably differentiated by the fact that they had a musical voice, as beautiful and seductive as the music in the Mermaid’s Luck online slot game.

Theme of the Mermaid’s Luck Slot Game

  • The game background reflects the ocean bottom.
  • Underwater flora and stones will be used to embellish the experience of the gamer.
  • Also, the game will have floating bubble animation.
  • On top of the reel, there will be a mermaid. When you win, a joyful animation will be performed.
  • The game grid box depicts a cartoonist character; the goal is for the gamer to feel relaxed from his or her busy day-to-day routine.

What does Game offer?

  • Pleasant Graphics and sound
  • Wild, scatter, and bonus symbols to win huge
  • 4 different types of Jackpots for the players
  • 35 Paylines and players can bet on all of them
  • Luck-based bonus game for players

Bottom Line

The Mermaid’s Luck slot game is set in the enchanting world of the seabed; the created symbols characterize it as they depict the residents of this incredible environment. We can see some of the wildlife and plants of this location towards the bottom of the screen. As a result, we found an oyster, sea flowers, a big octopus, and a crab. If you enjoy fairy tales, worlds are filled with mystery and enchantment. This game is great for you to play. You can also play this online casino game whenever and wherever you want.


If a player hits 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the grid, then a player gets 5 free spins.

10 shells will be placed in the water. A reward token dashboard will be presented in the top left corner of the screen, and the chances count will be displayed in the top right corner. A player must first locate the shell, and then extract a pearl from the shell.

It is determined by the bonus icon that a player receives on the grid. For example, if a player receives four bonus icons on the grid, he or she will have four chances to claim a game reward.

The player can gamble on the maximum number of paylines, which in this case is 35.

There is a total of 4 jackpots in Mermaid’s Luck online slot game that are mini, minor, major, and grand.