Build, Explore, & Live Your Adventurous Moments While the Game Is On. Get Into the Kingdom of Baahubali. The Cash War slot game revolves around the characters & a few events of the famous Indian movie “Baahubali “. This game glorifies the Romanticism & warrior aspects of the movie. This game is specifically built for the players who love to play adventure games and are crazy about historical heroes. So, it’s time to get into the thrilling and electrifying online slot casino game made for players who enjoy exploring the lives of legendary heroes. So, start running slots and build your own kingdom by winning huge rewards and jackpots.


Baahubali Bonus

Cash War offers a set of three unique skill-based bonus games to its players. The standard gameplay will be transitioned to the bonus game environment gradually once the dynamic icons reveal any of the Bonus Icons on the slot reels.

Bonus Game 1 Game Play – Warrior Aspect of Baahubali Here, the player will be able to see a face-off challenge between two warriors Baahubali and Bhallal Dev in the form of a pein heel where they can win sweep tokens or game tokens.

Bonus Game 2 Game Play – Romanticism Between Baahubali and Devsena In this bonus game, the player will have to shoot the moving boars in a green field with the arrows & they will be given 5 chances to do the same. Each time a player hits a boar, they will be rewarded a certain number of tokens.

Bonus Game 3 Game Play – The Clash Between Baahubali and Bhallal Dev This bonus game is based on the clash between the two main characters of the Baahubali game, Baahubali & Bhallal Dev. This bonus game will be a 4×4 slot game. Whoever’s an icon among Baahubali and Bhallal Dev is more in this slot will win the game.


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Cash War online slot game is based on the one of the famous Indian movies “Bahubali”.

Cash War online slot game is based on the one of the famous Indian movies “Bahubali”.

If 3 scatter symbols appear in the reel, then the player will get 5 free spins.

In this online slot game, the player has access to three bonus games.

When the 2 bonus icon appears on more than three reels, the bonus game 2 is triggered.