Let’s dive underwater and find Jackpot

AQUA Fortune is a slot game that is inspired by the story of Atlantis that is written by Plato C. In which Pato C. describes how an island called “Atlantis” vanishes in a single day and night of misfortune caused by a massive earthquake, floods and other natural disaster.

AQUA FORTUNE will enhance your gaming experience

The main action of the AQUA FORTUNE slot game will take place on five reels and three rows, that are located underwater. We’ll be deep in the ocean with ancient treasures from Atlantis Island; it’ll be a lot of fun. Whether you are a lover of Greek Mythology or not, you will enjoy this slot game because it includes a unique feature. The game features stunning images and soundtracks that transport you to the deep sea, making you feel as if you are diving to find your treasure.

The online slot game will provide four different jackpots to its players: micro, minor, major, and grand. To win this jackpot, the player must spin the reels and try to fill the artifact’s icon symbol meter in a single Stretch. This game will immerse you in a stormy sea and the sea creatures that live beneath the waves.



  • Provides 4 types of Jackpots
  • The game includes a bonus game within the game
  • It has 55 paylines
  • The game also provides Wild and Scatter symbols
  • The design and the soundtrack are undeniably the game’s best feature


One of the most crucial aspects of slot games is gameplay, and you can see that Aqua Fortune slots put some care into it. When you win, the complete shows up in the center of the screen, allowing you to monitor your rewards. Furthermore, the jackpots and bonus game give players a chance to win huge winnings from Cosmoslots.

The Aqua Fortune slot machine game takes you on an undersea adventure you won’t soon forget. Every aspect of the Aqua Fortune slot game is distinct and adds to the user experience. The actual attraction, though, is the game’s design. It’s amazing to watch the various aquatic creatures spin on the reels. With these features, it’s clear to conclude that Aqua Fortune is truly unique.


Yes, Aqua Fortune has an auto spin feature. To activate that feature, a player needs to long press the spin button.

The game has 55 paylines and gamers can bet on maximum of the paylines.

When the player activates a bonus game, the screen will display a total of 12 icons, and the player must tap on the icons until 3 gems of the same color appear. The award will be determined by the value of the chosen gem color.

Yes, when a player gets 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, the player will be rewarded with five free spins.

Yes, At CosmoSlots VIP you can win real money by playing the online Aqua Fortune casino game. You can also improve your profits by taking advantage of all of the perks and promotions offered on the platform.